BBT System

Bus-Bar Trunking System (BBT) SYSTEM

Bus-Bar Trunking System (BBT) With their modular configuration, BBT Busbar energy distribution systems meet all power requirements in modern enterprises and buildings. Alterations in layouts, addition of machinery, and provision of power at various points can be achieved without disrupting the operational parts of the facility. Power is distributed via isolated bars within a sheet metal or aluminum enclosure and is safely distributed using tap-off boxes which can be plugged in and out safely from tap-off outlets along the length of the busbar without interrupting the power supply to other equipment supplied by the same busbar. E-Line KX Busbar & Busbar Systems E-Line Busbars, which have international test certificates, can be expanded, replaced, moved or reused whenever necessary. It is very easy, economical and safe to take power using tap off boxes placed anywhere along the busbar route..

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